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Abruzzo: Italy out of the ordinary.

Collefrisio is a compendium of Abruzzo, a bowl of wonders for the traveler willing to discover an out of the ordinary side of Italy.

Abruzzo is the Green Region of Europe, home to three National Parks, a Regional Park and 38 regional oases and nature reserves.

One soul made of both, sea and land. Eyes closed to smell the scent of the Adriatic Sea in summer evenings and the gaze stretched to the reassuring embrace of the massif of the Majella, the great Mother of all mountains and inspirer of legends lost in the mists of times.

The Majella Mountain and the sea positively affect the pedoclimatic environment, creating an ideal microclimate for the maturation of different varieties of grapes. The distance to enjoy two amazing landscapes can be measured in just over half an hour by car: very few other places in the world can contain such a concentration of nature and flavors at this very high expression.

Collefrisio Wine Estate is located between the Majella massif, the second highest mountain in the Apennines with its top of Mount Amaro at 2793 meters a.s.l., and the Costa dei Trabocchi.
The Terre dei Trabocchi is home to ten regional nature reserves and the Trabocchi, traditional wooden fishing structures that stretch from the coast towards the sea and served, once, as fishing machines and docking point for the small coasting trade. The Trabocchi are still usable in various ways, from catering to recreational and cultural events. The Via Verde dei Trabocchi borders the coastline: a cycle-pedestrian track now being completed that runs 42 kilometers by the sea and is part of the wider project of Adriatic Cycling Track.

Land as heritage and identity

During the seventies, rural Abruzzo was experiencing a massive shift towards modernity. People freed themselves from essential needs, well-being peeped out between a new appliance, mechanization of farm work and new leisure time.

Rural people turned working in factories but keeping some land owned, small more or less. Agricultural Cooperatives collected an increasing number of small farmers, who derived a very important value from the placing of their products: the possibility of investing in the future and allowing the emancipation of their children through education.

The families of Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli hold a partnership since then. They still meet and support each other in mutual solidarity, linked by the care of the vineyards and the sharing of important moments of family life.

Today, Amedeo covers the role of agronomist and production director, Antonio is the commercial director: they are the Yin&Yang that in the constant dialogue finds its balance. The constant and unstoppable growth of Cantina Collefrisio is due to the mix of their personalities. Lots of passion, maximum commitment and discipline, combined with a hint of healthy irreverence.