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Vineyard management

We care about the environment our vineyards grow and live in.

Therefore, we follow organic farming in all owned land. The soil type and the context allow us to support natural growing without using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If necessary, we apply mainly biological contact products such as sulphur and copper. In Collefrisio Winery, organic farming means patient vigilance and extreme care in agricultural operations.

We use to take good note of weather trends, humidity and other related data deriving from weather stations, in a Vineyards Journal. We set a timeline according to it and balance the extra time used in manual farming with a lower use of plant protection management.

Grapes like pearls

Harvest time is the most crucial period of the year, a celebration. The perfect moment when, despite technology, the application of technical and scientific progress merges to ancient unaltered rites.

Manual picking, from August to October, requires a considerable use of work force, an elaborate setup and takes longer than the mechanical harvest. Since the beginning, harvesting by hand has been a convinced, matured choice we made to promote a better selection of bunches. The result of it is maximum control over the quality of our harvest and wines.

The atmosphere during grape harvest season in Collefrisio is preserved along the years. We connect to our childhood and, at the same time, look ahead to the future new wine.

The wine making

Bunches are cut individually by hand, placed in small baskets and taken to the cellar to be immediately processed. The grapes are put into a crusher/destemmer machine removing berries from the stems and breaking their skin. A soft pressing occurs before the fermentation starts and the must begins its journey to turn into wine. We do not use animal-derived ingredients and avoid chemicals at every stage of the winemaking process. On white wines, for example, we get tartaric precipitation using cold chain, mechanically processing a step otherwise intended for the use of preparations.

The ageing cellar contains Slavonian oak barrels, which perfectly match our production philosophy. We prefer to mild the roughness of a wine and enhance the original attributes of grape varieties without changing their structure.

Bottle filling and packaging operations finally prepare our wines for the distribution in over 50 countries around the world.